• 2021年9月28日
  • 2022年3月8日

Solid Modeling_Tutorial  WHEEL_Nismo-LMGT4

ソリットモデリング_チュートリアル WHEEL_Nismo-LMGT4 —-Command used —- sketch Wire frame (flat surface) Surface (shaft) Curve offset (parallel curve) Sketch-based feature (shaft) Surface-based feature (split) Sketch-based feature (pad) Boolean operations (difference) Transform feature (circular pattern) Dress-up feature (draft) Dress-up feature (edge ​​fillet)     We will create the wheel shape using the basic solid tools of CATIA V5. らくポン Even beginners can easily model Basic way to make a wheel Rim basic shape Face design side Aperture Mounting holes Basically, it is recommended to cut from the Rim shape. Forged wheels are made by cutting, so the shape can be reproduced by making it in the cutting process. There are some shapes that can be made together by sketching the rim, but since it is composed of multiple solids, […]

>3D CADは難しくないぞ!コツをつかんで楽して覚えよう

3D CADは難しくないぞ!コツをつかんで楽して覚えよう

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